Leilani Weis, unsere geschätzte Contact(ango)-Lehrerin veranstaltet einen Intensivkurs für fortgeschrittene Tänzer*innen, in dem sie der Contact Improvisation weiter auf den Grund gehen und gemeinsam mit den Teilnehmer*innen erforschen will:

Heart  and  Roots of Contact Improvisation:
Intensive Training with Leilani Weis

To celebrate the 50-year anniversary of Contact Improvisation, I am honoring the dance and its roots with a series of workshops.

The theme is: What lays at the roots and the heart of this form?

When I asked fellow colleagues and dancers this question, it generated long conversations and
I included my great teacher and friend, Martin Keogh, in my queries, as his teachings feed my
deepest roots in the form. Throughout our conversations, he has shared a multitude of visions
and stories from his 42 years of experience with contact improvisation.
The Hearts / Roots workshop is a way to honor Martin, his teaching, and his worldwide
influence on CI with his commitment to the form.

We will focus on a framework of skills that allow for an increasing safety to enter the unknown
with your dance partner, including:
 Developing a lucidity of touch where you feel your partner, and also feel your partner
feeling you
 3 dimensional falling skills from different heights, alone and together
 The dance of the unknown giving up custody of your own center

I hope you are interested in participating in these intensives with the desire to daringly delve
into the paths that support the dance in its subterranean places.

Happy to dance with you soon

Leilani Weis has taken classes and met in his dance life for over 25 years many of the first step teachers. 
Some of them are Nancy Stark Smith. Martin Keogh...Keriac, Lepkoff, Nina Little and many others whose names may not be so known but have contributed to this form in many ways.

Leilani has internalized CI like only few teachers I know 
and she has an ability to teach it in a very organic - loving and joyful way 
Her deep love for this dance and the teachers from the very beginning is palpable 
and her wide and open heart is a real pleasure to experience in her classes. 

Our concern is to remember and pass on the old valuable knowledge - the heart .. and the roots (Source)  of Contact Improvisation.
To remember and explore and enter this sacred field of the Heart and Roots of CI ... let yourself be nourished from this Field - to learn from it in order to freshly enrich the NEW.

Place: Benediktbeuern - near Munich. - Germany
Modul 1: 8 -11 September 
Modul 2 : 18 - 21 Februar 
Modul 3 and 4 will follow also 2023

Start 10.00 to 5.00 pm every day
Price : 340 to 420 Euro
For People coming from far away we have some lower prices.
Please ask for - if you need less pricing...

You can sleep there with Sleepingbag or Bus

If you want participate
If you need more information ...please contact Kalimah - Laugh-centre@gmx.neIntensivk